UGC Workshop at IISc Bangalore

Knowing, seeing and understanding engineering materials at nanoscale is a wonderful experience. Making an energy, efficient device demands deeper knowledge about their behavior at and below the nanoscale. In this seminar, I will present my original research works on encapsulation of nanomaterials, laser nano lithography, flexible organic solar cells, fabrication of MEMS devices by laser light scribe technique, non-linear energy harvesting systems, thin film flow sensor and the advanced 3D printing technology. More emphasis will be on the importance and relevance of these technologies and their applications in the current scenario.

International Conferences

a. "International Conference on Innovation in Nanotechnology and Renewable Energy".

b. National Conference on Advancement in Renewable Energy Technologies..

Innovation to Product

a. Fire Retardant Anti Bacterial Smart Fabrics.

b. Micro Wind Energy Harvester.

c. Biopolymers from Waste.

d. Printing of Flexible Organic Solar Cell.